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WSIA Expands Focus on Waterway Protection and Industry-wide Safety Promotion

The WSIA announces exciting plans to strengthen its mission of protecting and promoting the towed water sports industry, with Brad Fralick being named Chief Government Affairs Officer and James Krawczyk promoted to Director of Operations.

The Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) announces exciting plans to strengthen its mission of protecting and promoting the towed water sports industry. As part of this renewed commitment, Brad Fralick has been brought on board as Chief Government Affairs Officer and James Krawczyk has been promoted to Director of Operations. 

“There will be a bigger commitment by the WSIA in governmental affairs by proactively spreading the message state-by-state as well as supporting grassroots efforts,” says Robert Oswell, WSIA President. In this area, Oswell looks forward to capitalizing on Fralick’s 30 years of experience in multi-state lobbying. 

Fralick, a lifelong watersports enthusiast, brings personal and professional experience to WSIA. “I grew up on the water. Some of my fondest memories are skiing on Mullett Lake in Michigan as a kid.” As a lobbyist, he has worked with MADD, the Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Coast Guard to develop legislation to keep waters safe. “I know the industry. I know what the issues are. It’s a vibrant, growing industry. I’m very excited to be a part of this great team.” 

Krawczyk, who has been with WSIA for 14 years, was instrumental in creating its preeminent educational and promotional campaigns: Wake Responsibly and Families for Boating. As Director of Operations, “James will have a more hands-on approach,” says Oswell. 

This includes increasing marketing in key states, partnering with manufacturers and other organizations, and placing greater emphasis on safety promotion and education campaigns. Krawczyk says that he is “honored to transition to this leadership role and for the opportunity to help grow this multi-billion dollar segment of the boating industry.” 

Larry Meddock, outgoing WSIA Director of Government Affairs and Waterway Access, is excited about this leadership team. “WSIA is showing its passion and total commitment to protect its members. Brad and James have the expertise and vision to make this strategy successful.”

WSIA President, Robert Oswell
WSIA Chief Government Affairs Officer, Brad Fralick
WSIA Director of Operations, James Krawczyk

The nonprofit Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) is the leading advocate for the towed water sports industry. WSIA develops best practices, maintains waterway access rights, educates participants, promotes safety, and facilitates sustainable industry growth.

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