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WSIA Executive Director Steps Down; Celebrates Accomplishments

ORLANDO, FL (Nov. 15, 2021) –– After ten years of work with WSIA including the last six as Executive Director, Kevin Michael will be stepping down from his role on November 15, 2021. 

During Kevin’s time with WSIA starting in 2011, the association has benefitted from a 350 percent increase in membership and substantial growth in revenue to fund special projects. #PassTheHandle continues to be the most successful initiative introducing first-timers to our activities and the Wake Responsibly campaign awareness is at an all-time high. 

Waterway protection has been at the forefront of WSIA priorities and Kevin has helped the association strategize into the future, regarding projects and staffing for WSIA.

“It’s time for some fresh blood and new legislative professionals to take WSIA and our industry to its next level,” Kevin said.

“This has been a great run and we’ve accomplished a lot. The membership and revenue growth are nice statistics, but the awareness is what I’m most proud of. Everyone in the industry is now familiar with Wake Responsibly and #PassTheHandle. I was blessed with a strong team the entire time and we pulled off so many great events. The annual Summit being the most memorable!

“We also raised $120,000 during this time for industry non-profits through the Charity Auction each year at Surf Expo.

“Larry Meddock’s contributions to this industry will be felt for many years to come and his guidance has been priceless. Robert Oswell is doing a great job as president and the future of the WSIA is in good hands. We are already in talks about projects I can offer support to in 2022.

“The association has run very efficiently under Kevin’s watch and his impact is the reason why we are at the level we are today,” President Robert Oswell said.

“While spinning many plates with varying priorities, Kevin always kept the best interest of the industry in mind and will forever be a true ambassador and flag-waving enthusiast for towed water sports.”

Going forward, the WSIA and its members can expect a steadfast approach to promote and protect your access to towed water sports. Two new hires are being made to handle government affairs and James Krawczyk has been promoted to Director of Operations effective today. Any questions can be directed to ten.aisw@ofni

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