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WakeBoarding Hall of Fame Announces Shaun Moore as Business Development Director

Moore will direct the Hall of Fame’s business development department including developing and managing sponsorship programs.

Orlando, FL March 31, 2021: The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame (WHF) announces Shaun Moore as its new Business Development Director.  Moore, a long-time supporter of wake sports and former professional wakeboarding athlete will direct the Hall of Fame’s business development department including developing and managing sponsorship programs.  

The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame, now in its seventh year, was established to honor wake sports’ pioneers and significant contributors and to preserve wake sports’ history through archives supported by and the Hall of Fame’s social media platforms.  Recently, the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame signed an memorandum of agreement with the World Wake Association expressing its joint promotions plans. 

Mike Weddington, WHF president said, “For many years, the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame has attracted thousands of followers and when we release a new historical story, the number of followers dramatically increases.  In fact, one story last week received more than 1.8 million people reached.  Analytics indicate our content is often leading the water sports category reaching more wake sports fans than most others.   We’re serious about establishing the Hall of Fame as a permanent institution for wake sports and our sponsorship opportunities will allow marketers to associate their brands with popular Hall of Fame content.  Shaun has been a valuable, dedicated board of directors’ member since the beginning.  We couldn’t be happier!  Shaun’s new role and his desire to create partnerships through marketing programs will allow the Hall of Fame to continue to grow.”

Shaun Moore said, “I’ve always believed the sport needed its own Hall of Fame and for years I’ve been proud to have been able to serve as a board of directors member. This new role opens an exciting chapter for me personally as well as a great opportunity for the Hall of Fame to fulfill its goals and missions.”

Shaun Moore

The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame currently includes well-known wake sports’ members such as Scott Byerly, Herb O’Brien, Shaun Murray, Tony Finn, Parks Bonifay, Walt Meloon and Darin Shapiro just to name a few (view the complete list here).

The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is managed by its Board of Directors including life-long wake sports veterans who have pledged to honor wake sport’s iconic history including its most influential participants and contributors and to preserve the legacy of wake sports for generations to come.

Anyone interested is encouraged to visit where they’ll get more information about the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame mission, its current members, entertaining archived content and how philanthropic contributors can make an annual tax-deductible donation that will one day lead to a museum enshrining inductees and housing wake sport’s most historical memorabilia and artifacts. For more information, contact Tommy Phillips at 720-253-2213 or Jim Emmons at (407) 719-8062 or moc.emaFfollaHgnidraobekaW@ofni.


About the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame:  The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame’s mission is to honor and preserve the history of wakeboarding sports and to celebrate its pioneers and innovators while displaying significant artifacts for admirers to view and commemorate, both digitally and in physical locations.  The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame was established in 2014 by industry visionaries that saw a need for honoring and preserving the history wake sports.  In 2017, the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame received IRS non-profit 501(c)3 status as an educational institution with a tax-deductible designation.  Donations are encouraged.

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