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VIDEO: Saving Waterways: “Responsible Boating” (feat. Shaun Murray & “Buddy”)

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Are you in danger of losing your waterway? Have irresponsible boaters caused a groundswell of support to ban watersports in your area? Are waterfront property owners banning together to prohibit towed watersports on your favorite body of water? At the root of all WSIA waterway battles is an irresponsible, discourteous boater who’s jeopardizing the water usage for all. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please consider helping pro wakeboader, Shaun Murray, distribute this video through your social media channels. Thank you!

Saving Waterways: “Responsible Boating” (feat. Shaun Murray & “Buddy”) from WaterSports IndustryAssociation on Vimeo.


Produced by: Alliance MultiMedia


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