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Product Warning Labels

25.1 — English

Access to these files requires a username and password.

If you have problems accessing these files, please contact us at ten.aisw@ofni
If you are looking for these warning labels in FRENCH or SPANISH, please click these links:
WSIA has made efforts to furnish carefully reviewed and up-to-date risk management materials. Members using these deliverables should consult with counsel and insurance representatives to check on any nuances in your state or jurisdiction. Companies utilizing these materials do so at their own risk. WSIA assumes no responsibility and makes no representations as to their enforceability or applicability. The decision to use these materials is solely at the discretion of each company.

The WSIA Equipment Committee has reviewed the 25.1 warning labels and approve their usage for 2023-2024.

Please note:
It is required that these art files be reproduced at 100% to maintain a minimum font size of 8pt.

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