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WSIA Member Benefits

Wake Parks

Why Join the WSIA?

Safety Signs & Waivers

Your membership includes a password for access to files including our our safety signs and waivers. Have the safety signs printed on your own or WSIA will print and ship for $185. Post these on the starting dock and around your park. Encourage all riders to read these signs, which will also help protect your business in the event of an accident. Waivers should be mandatory for all participants to sign on an annual basis.

Event Management Resource Guide

If you’re planning on hosting an event, this resource is like The Bible. Developed with the guidance of Rietz Law Firm, this members-only resource includes considerations for legal and insurance, communications and emergency planning, staffing advice, sanctioning recommendations, and more.

Safety Video

This modern, high-quality animated video is the perfect tutorial to show to all new riders, and also is a staple in your risk management profile. Download it in HD with your member password.

Committee Inclusion

WSIA conducts quarterly conference calls with a handful of the industry kingpins to discuss issues impacting the future of wake parks. Keep yourself in the loop and become a part of this influential committee, which also meets in person twice a year (Surf Expo, Summit).

Incident Reporting

Injuries happen. Over time, people’s account of the story can change. Be sure to document this immediately with the WSIA’s Injured Party Statement, Incident Report and Witness Statement forms available for members through our website.

Special Invites

Grow awareness for your park and gain relevance while networking with the industry leaders. Meet with your committee and sit-in on the Board Of Director’s meeting at Surf Expo. Meet us in Steamboat, CO for our annual WSIA Summit. Don’t forget: You must be a member to be considered for WSIA’s Leadership Awards including “Wake Park Of The Year.”

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Help your website’s SEO with a link from our high-ranking site, plus gain exposure for your brand to our industry-related visitors.


We also encourage you to participate in #PassTheHandle this year. Teach any new person to ride for the first time and share on social media.

Become a Member

Membership with the Water Sports Industry Association includes a host of benefits that help preserve the vitality of the towed water sports industry well into the future.
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