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WSIA Member Benefits

Parasail Operators

Why Join the WSIA?


Waivers should be mandatory for all participants to sign on an annual basis. Download your waiver package now for Participants, Watercraft Riders and Banana Boats.

Safety Signs

As soon as your membership is paid for, you’re provided with a password for access to download our safety signs and waivers. Post the signs around your site and help protect your business in case of a slip and fall or other incident on your property.

Parasail Crash Pack

Injuries happen. Over time, people’s account of the story can change. Be sure to document this immediately with the WSIA’s Injured Party Statement, Incident Report Form and Witness Statement forms available for members through our web site.

Event Management & Resource Guide

If you’re planning on hosting an event, this resource is like The Bible. This members-only resource includes considerations for legal and insurance, communications and emergency planning, staffing advice, sanctioning recommendations, and more.

Safety Videos

These modern, high-quality animated videos are the perfect tutorial to show all riders, and serves as a staple in your risk management profile. Request a DVD or download online with your membership.

Access to ASTM Safety Standards

See a step-by-step guide for online access to the ASTM Parasailing Safety Standards.

Know Your Ropes Flyer

A series of parasail incidents from 2006-2013 inspired the U.S. Coast Guard to identify common factors and help prevent future incidents and casualties. Most fatalities and injuries are due to rope failure. WSIA members can download this flyer to help remind your staff of proper rope management techniques.

Member Stickers & Certificate

Flaunt your WSIA status with stickers and certificate of your WSIA membership provided annually.

Parasail Operators Symposium

Hosted by the WSIA, this annual gathering educates operators on safety guidelines and best practices regarding weather, equipment, insurance and other risk management considerations. Now in its sixth year, this event is the only one of its kind and is supported by all the major manufacturers as well as the U.S. Coast Guard, FWC, NASBLA, NOAA, NTSB, FAA and ASTM.

Marine Safety Alert

This document serves as a reminder to owners, operators and crew members working on all parasail vessels to review equipment instructions and usage limitations.

Become a Member

Membership with the Water Sports Industry Association includes a host of benefits that help preserve the vitality of the towed water sports industry well into the future.
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