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WSIA Member Benefits

Marine Dealers

Why Join the WSIA?

Dealer Liability Program

Protect your business with a Release of Liability, Rental Agreement, Demo Form and Incident Reporting Form.

Responsibility Code Poster

Post this on the wall in your showroom to warn participants of inherent risks and show your commitment to safe water sports.

Event Management Resource Guide

This includes considerations for legal and insurance, communications and emergency planning, staffing advice, sanctioning recommendations, and more.

Link of WSIA Website

Help your website’s SEO with a link from our high-ranking site, plus gain exposure for your brand to our industry-related visitors.

Committee Inclusion

WSIA conducts quarterly conferences with a handful of industry kingpins to discuss issues impacting the future of retail and the marine dealer environment.

Survey of Sales (2018)

Gain access to this exclusive report outlining global sales in every category of equipment at both wholesale and retail levels.

Access to Your State BLA

: Boating Law Administrators are the “top cops” of marine patrol and any proposed changes to laws will go through them. Let WSIA help introduce you to your state’s BLA.

Special Invites

Improve your position and become a leader in the industry by participating in our events including Summit and Surf Expo.

Site Signage

Protect yourself from accidents that can happen on your property during test drives or through rentals, lost or damaged property, slip and falls and more with our WSIA safety sign package.

Lake Cleanup Months

Activate your neighbors to participate in two annual lake cleanup efforts in May and October. This action is very rewarding and can make your crew look really good in the eyes of area homeowners associations.


We also encourage you to participate in #PassTheHandle this year. Teach any new person to ride for the first time and share on social media.

Waterway Access Hotline

A direct phone line you can call to engage our waterway access team, to help with any issues you may be having. 508-507-WSIA (9742)

Become a Member

Membership with the Water Sports Industry Association includes a host of benefits that help preserve the vitality of the towed water sports industry well into the future.
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