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WSIA Member Benefits

Camps, Schools & Instructors

Why Join the WSIA?

Waterway Protection

If there are any threats to your waterway access, the WSIA will help you defend yourselves. If anyone has a problem with boat wakes (or anything else), we can minimize this threat with factual data from our Wave Energy study and other resources.

Safety Signs & Waivers

As soon as your membership is paid for, you’re provided with a password for access to download our safety signs and waivers. Post the signs on the starting dock and around your park. Encourage all riders to read these signs, which will also help protect your business in the event of an accident. Waivers should be mandatory for all participants to sign on an annual basis.

Incident Reporting

Injuries happen. Over time, people’s account of the story can change. Be sure to document this immediately with the WSIA’s Injured Party Statement, Incident Report and Witness Statement forms available for members through our website.

Access to Members

Download a password-protected member list of over 300 of the top industry members.

Survey of Sales

Gain access to this exclusive report outlining global sales in every category of equipment at both wholesale and retail levels. No other report will be as accurate as this.

Committee Inclusion

The Camps & Schools committee meets twice per year to share best practices and address important issues during Surf Expo and the WSIA annual Summit.

Event Management Resource Guide

If you’re planning on hosting an event, this resource is like The Bible. Developed with the guidance of Rietz Law Firm, this members-only booklet includes considerations for legal and insurance, communications and emergency planning, staffing advice, sanctioning recommendations, and more.

Supporting the WSIA

Our mission is to promote and protect all towed water sports activity long into the future. Feel free to call us directly with any questions. We are here to help.


We also encourage you to participate in #PassTheHandle each year in July. Teach any new person to ride for the first time and share it on social media.

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See your brand featured with other industry kingpins through a link on the homepage of

Member Stickers

Show your friends and customers that you support the mission of the WSIA.

Become a Member

Membership with the Water Sports Industry Association includes a host of benefits that help preserve the vitality of the towed water sports industry well into the future.
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