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How to Right an Unconscious Wakeboarder

Dan Power, a Lieutenant Paramedic, shows us a technique for righting and stabilizing a downed and unconscious rider. Using this technique will give you the ability to save an injured participant from laying face down in the water while supporting the spinal cord and not exacerbating any existing injuries.


About Dan Power: Dan Power is a lieutenant paramedic who specializes in the fire/rescue field. He has over 25 years of lifeguarding experience and over 15 years of experience on the Pro Wakeboard Tour, where he is the first on the water rescuing injured wakeboarders. If unconscious and face down, Dan has a roll-over technique that has proven to save many athletes over the years. Dan is also a United States Lifesaving Association instructor, available to hire for training sessions at wake parks, schools, or anywhere with commercial towed water sports activity.

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