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The WSIA Leadership Awards are presented in honor of the best companies, people and products in the water sports industry. 2024 nominations are now open!

Submission Guidelines

 Companies and individuals can nominate themselves or be nominated by others.You may only enter one person, company, brand or product per award category.

A brief written statement (500 words maximum) is required for describing why this person, company, brand or product deserves to be considered as a nominee in the category. This statement will be published and viewed by voters to help educate them about the nominee. Your statement will be published as entered; WSIA is not responsible for errors.

Including images, graphics and logos with your nomination is encouraged! 

Category Descriptions

2024: Jeffrey Morales, Action WaterSports (L) and Dave Ekern, MasterCraft Boat Co. (R)

Marine Dealership of the Year

This honor will be presented to the marine dealer that went above and beyond in many areas, including promoting and protecting towed water sports in their area.This dealer is focused on educating customers on Wake Responsibly and safe and respectful boating, and participates in #PassTheHandle each year.

Also considered: special promotions, contests, community outreach, marketing campaigns, social media, clinics and demo days, staff knowledgeability, facility and showroom quality, and customer service.

You have the option to include the number of boats sold between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023, but volume will not be the deciding factor for voting.

2024: Wayne Walters, Kent Outdoors Inc. (L) and Greg Meloon accepting for Miami Nautique International (R)

Retail Shop of the Year

This honor will be presented to the specialty retailer that featured the best selection, product mix and merchandising.

Also considered are special promotions, competition event participation, local watersports community outreach, marketing campaigns, clinics and demo days, staff knowledgeability as well as facility and showroom quality.

2024: Natalie Carrera, Indmar Products (L) and Matt Bishop, Correct Craft (R)

Sales Rep of the Year

Also known as the “110% Award,” This honor will be presented to a rep that managed demo days and clinics, attended contests and industry events, managed special promotions and sales and served as a great ambassador for our activities both on and off the water. This rep went above and beyond to satisfy both dealers and customers, and has a track record of success.

2023: Jaysin Smith [L] and Kendall Pasley [R] with Kevin Straw from Mission Bay Aquatic Center // 2024 winner: Freedom Wake Park (not pictured)

Camp/School of the Year

This honor will be presented to the water sports school or camp that has shown excellence in training their students, adhering to all best practices and safety procedures. Special consideration will be taken for organizations who have reached out to new and beginner riders in their community and participation in #PassTheHandle.

Please include in your application the number of students who attend monthly during the peak season, and a list of coaches and staff. Please also include bonus components of your program such as home schooling, accommodations, off the water activities, etc.

2024: Daniel Jarrett, West Rock Wake Park (L) and Levi Dills accepting for Terminus Wake Park (R)

Wake Park of the Year

This honor will be presented to the wake park which had great community outreach programs, followed safe practices at all times, and made a major effort to grow water sports in their area.

Please include any demo days, contests, #PassTheHandle and other special events.

Consideration will be taken for parks who reached out to new and beginner riders in their community. Please include in your application the number of average riders per month during peak season, and any other noteworthy customer statistics.


2023 “Larry Meddock” Award Winner, Dave Deep from Wake For Warriors

The “Larry Meddock” Award

An award to honor a person or charitable group who has gone above and beyond to promote or grow the water sports community (not for their own financial gain) by volunteering, helping underprivileged groups, or starting an organization that grows or promotes the sport.

Water Sports Innovation Awards​​

2024: Parker Stair, Montara, Surf Boss 2.0
2024: Susan Bonovich and Ben Lizardo, Volvo Penta & Regal, Twin Forward Drive Technology
2024: Amy Mauzy, Centurion (middle) and Robert Oswell, Roswell Marine (right), Predator Power Tower

These honors will be presented to manufacturers (boat, equipment, aftermarket, OEM) who produce a new product having innovative distinction from other products currently manufactured in the towed water sports industry.

The winning products will show clear innovation compared to existing products, introduce new ideas or engineering techniques, or include pioneering technology.

If the product is an extension from non-marine or general market, it must have substantial modification or adaptation, and must provide benefit to the sport and/or consumer.

For towboats, we encourage submissions for individual innovations on the boat, rather than an entire model, unless it represents a completely new product in the lineup.

Please include in your application practicality of use, estimates of product use in the market, and all noteworthy features.

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