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Water Sports Industry Association

About Us

Our Mission: To promote and protect all towed water sports activity.

The nonprofit Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) is the leading advocate for the towed water sports industry. WSIA develops best practices, maintains waterway access rights, educates participants, promotes safety, and facilitates sustainable industry growth.

Who We Are

The WSIA is the towed water sports industry’s leading advocate and is known for preserving the vitality of our activities long into the future. We develop best practices, maintain waterway access rights, educate participants, promote safety, and facilitate sustainable industry growth as a group.

4 Pillars of the WSIA:

Safety / Education
Risk Management

Our History

Founded December 28, 1977, the WSIA originally focused on 3-event waterskiing and sanctioning competitive events, but soon expanded to take on creating unified hole patterns for waterski and wakeboard bindings and other projects to help unify the products in towed water sports.

Realizing an opportunity to help the industry grow, in the 1980s, the WSIA went on to create the first warning labels for boats, as well improve messaging around safe operation, carbon monoxide awareness and life jacket wear.

Also during this time, important industry partnerships were formed with the USCG, ABYC, NASBLA, NBSAC and other influential associations.

In the 90s, a agreement was forged with Surf Expo, and the WSIA brought a wave of exhibitors to create the first-ever Wake section at a trade show.

Through the 90s, we created the first set of on-product warning labels and worked with our manufacturer members on better product safety, like a modified rope weave to minimize “snap back.”

In the 2000s, the WSIA grew again with the creation of the Water Sports Foundation non-profit arm to apply for and administer U.S. Coast Guard grant funding in safety awareness campaigns.

This decade is also when the Water Sports Industry Association increased our focus on Government Affairs and adopted our “Promote and Protect” motto.

Two signature annual events were created: WSIA SUMMIT, a must-attend industry gathering now in its 18th year, and the Parasail Operators Symposium, the largest gathering of its kind in the world, going on 13 years strong.

Today the WSIA is the biggest and most impactful it has ever been, protecting waterway access and industry commerce while promoting safety, innovation and sustainable growth.

Our Staff

James Krawczyk

Director of Operations

Naomi Haworth

Operations Manager

Lee Gatts

Vice President of Government Affairs

Aaron Hallenberg

Northwest Government Affairs Manager

Megan Thielfoldt

Director of Marketing & Communications

Antitrust Policy Statement

Water Sports Industry Association is organized to promote, develop, and maintain the advancement of the interest of water sports businesses. WSIA is not intended to, and may not play any role in the competitive decisions of its members or their employees, or in any way restrict the competition in any aspect of the water sports industry.

The Board of Directors through this statement of policy makes clear its unequivocal support for the policy of competition served by the antitrust laws. It is the individual responsibility of every member of WSIA to be guided by the antitrust laws. It shall be the special responsibility of any committee chairman and association officer to assure that this policy is known and adhered to in the course of activities pursued under their leadership.

It is not WSIA’s role to act as an arbiter or judge of competitive conduct of industry members. As such, this statement of antitrust policy is not a mechanism which members should charge another member with alleged illegal action.

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