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2020 Charity Auction Recap

The 2020 WSIA Charity Auction was yet again a great success this year, raising a new record amount of $18,000.

The 2020 WSIA Charity Auction was yet again a great success this year, raising a new record amount of $18,000. The final bid values from this year’s annual auction was split evenly among Ann’s Angels, Wake For Warriors and Above The Wake, while the winning bid from the 1958 Correct Craft raffle was given to On The Edge.

Ann’s Angels is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization that provides waterskiing and wakeboarding events to promote a healthy, active lifestyle ​for those who are challenged with physical and mental disabilities. A part of their received Charity Auction funds helped with their October 24th Adaptive Waterski Event, and the remainder of the funds will be spent on clinics, ski development, and racks for their trailer.

Ann’s Angels

Above The Wake is an organization that creates positive experiences on the water for children with Autism and cognitive delays. Through their on-the-water excursions, they work to break down stigmas and unleash potential for greatness through individual teachable moments and inclusion. In 2021, Above The Wake is looking to do more wakesurfing programs, so the charitable donation funds will be used to obtain some equipment for that.

Above The Wake

Wake For Warriors is an organization that offers military veterans and their families a chance to experience water sports. Through weekend events all around the country, the Wake For Warriors team connects with injured military vets, gives them a worry-free day out on the water, and helps create lasting memories for our country’s heroes. The donation from this year’s Charity Auction will go towards food, travel, lodging, adaptive equipment (redesigning a new surf specific seat) and other event support.

Wake For Warriors

On The Edge is an adaptive water sports foundation that helps people with all kinds of challenges to enjoy water skiing, tubing, and more. Through their water sports events, the nonprofit helps people have successful social interactions, improve self-confidence, and achieve a feeling of acceptance. The foundation also creates adaptive equipment so that most people with challenges are able to water ski in a safe and enjoyable way. The money they have received from the Charity Auction will be used to continue providing programs that introduce people of all ages and abilities to water sports.

On The Edge

Special recognition goes out to Greg Hodgin of Wake The World and Brad Smeele for their acts of declining the opportunity to be a recipient this year. This unselfish move allowed more funds be allocated to the other organizations. If you’d like to support these foundations, learn more at Wake The World and The Movement Collab.

Congrats to all of the bidding item winners as well as the organizations who have accepted the Charity Auction donations. And of course, a thank you to all involved!

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