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2019 Charity Auction Recap

The 2019 WSIA Charity Auction was a huge success this year, raising a new record amount of $15,665.

The 2019 WSIA Charity Auction was a huge success this year, raising a new record amount of $15,665. The final bid values from this year’s annual auction will be split evenly among Wake For Warriors, On The Edge, Ann’s Angels and Above The Wake, while the winning bid from the Porsche Boxster raffle will be divided between Wake The World and the Movement Collaborative.

On The Edge is an adaptive water sports foundation that helps people with all kinds of challenges to enjoy water skiing, tubing, and more. Through their water sports events, the nonprofit helps people have successful social interactions, improve self-confidence, and achieve a feeling of acceptance. The foundation also creates adaptive equipment so that most people with challenges are able to water ski in a safe and enjoyable way.  Currently, they have their skis fabricated through a company that charges a 50% markup, but the donation money from this auction will go towards purchasing a press to make their own skis. Melissa Waller from On The Edge says, “This will allow us to make skis for adaptive athletes and provide them at cost.”

Ann’s Angels is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization that provides waterskiing and wakeboarding events to promote a healthy, active lifestyle ​for those who are challenged with physical and mental disabilities. The Ann’s Angels team used their Charity Auction proceeds to outfit a second trailer to be used for their Adaptive Waterski Foundation. The team expressed gratitude, saying, “Thank you for all you do for the waterski and wake sports community.”

Above The Wake is an organization that creates positive experiences on the water for children with Autism and cognitive delays. Through their on-the-water excursions, they work to break down stigmas and unleash potential for greatness through individual teachable moments and inclusion. Tom Hart from Above the Wake says, “Thank you so much for what you all do for charities like ours. We plan on using our donations for equipment and teaching aids for water safety presentations.”

Wake For Warriors is an organization that offers military veterans and their families a chance to experience water sports. Through weekend events all around the country, the Wake For Warriors team connects with injured military vets, gives them a worry-free day out on the water, and helps create lasting memories for our country’s heroes.

Wake The World is a non-profit organization made up of a group of boat owners who provide water sports opportunities to abandoned, abused and neglected children, as well as for the handicapped and our wounded warriors. The organization strives to make these events as easy as possible to host, and they have a network of boat volunteers and sponsors to help support each event. They also provide insurance and liability waivers for every local event.

The Movement Collaborative is an organization that aims to speed up the search for an effective spinal cord injury cure by driving fundraising campaigns, facilitating collaboration between researchers and by bringing attention and support to significant pieces of research which have the potential to bring movement back to those living with paralysis. Brad Smeele from The Movement Collaborative says, “We at the Movement Collaborative are extremely appreciative of the donation from the Porsche raffle put on by Wake the World and the WSIA. With the limits being pushed more and more in action sports, athletes are putting themselves at risk of serious injury, and currently there is no cure on offer for when a spinal cord injury occurs—but we want to change that!” Smeele continues, “The funds raised will be put directly towards an initiative focused on speeding up the search for an effective cure for spinal cord injury. Thank you again to everyone involved in this fundraiser, especially to Carla’s family for donating the Porsche, Greg from Wake the World, and the WSIA.”

Congrats to all of the bidding item winners as well as the organizations who have accepted the Charity Auction donations. And of course, a thank you to all involved!

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