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1 Season, 70 #PassTheHandle Events, and Countless Memories for New Participants

August 28 marked the 70th #PassTheHandle event facilitated by Robby Maschhaupt and Carolina Water Sports in 2019.

August 28 marked the 70th #PassTheHandle event facilitated by #PassTheHandle Ambassador Robby Maschhaupt and Carolina Water Sports during the 2019 water sports season.

Yes – In just a single season, Robby and his team have managed to spend nearly every day on the water teaching new participants how to get up and ride. Through their passion and commitment to the towed water sports industry, the Carolina Water Sports crew pulled 763 people this season. Of those new participants, they pulled children and teens affected by cancer, young people with autism, and a young woman who was 80-percent legally blind. They’ve passed the handle at several adaptive events, encouraged older folks who “just came to watch” to get up and ride without the rope, and most importantly, they gave all of these people confidence.

Robby and his team began the 2019 season with a fundraiser for Wake the World called Wake and Flake, a day where participants wakeboard and then snowboard. It’s the only event of the entire year that has a fee (every other event is completely free of charge for all participants).

Other large events put on throughout the 2019 season included the Water Proof Surf Jam, where Robby and team pulled 200 people in a single day behind 8 Centurion boats and 2 Supreme boats; a 3-day Wake for Warriors event, where military veterans and their families were able to try water sports; Camp Chemo, an event where 143 children affected by cancer attended, and 33 of them enjoyed being pulled on a tube supplied by Connelly.

Apart from some of these larger events, Robby and his team #PassTheHandle almost every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday starting April 15th and ending first week of September. They also do a Ladies Night on Mondays as well as 9 travel #PassTheHandle events to neighboring lakes and communities.

Not only does Robby and his team love teaching people how to get up on the water, they also love teaching people how to teach so they can then #PassTheHandle to others. Along with this education, Robby teaches his first-time participants how to be courteous boaters by promoting Wake Responsibly, the campaign that educates homeowners and boaters about courteous behavior to ensure every moment on the lake is safe and enjoyable for all.

#PassTheHandle is all about teaching first-timers how to get up on the water and instilling passion and confidence into each of them. Originally co-founded by Shaun Murray and Zane Schwenk, the #PassTheHandle concept has blossomed into a wide-spread movement.

How will you #PassTheHandle this next season?

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